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Chemical industry is the basic industry and pillar industry of national economy. Its development speed and scale has a direct influence on various links of social economy. Chemical industry features various valves, complicated technology, great varieties of products, many types of pollutants, large amount and high toxicity. Therefore, the sustainable development of chemical industry has important practical significance for the economic and social development.
The modern chemical industry is committed to reducing emission and strengthening plant safety and environmental protection and faces strict government management requirements which are different in different countries and markets. AUQI can provide high-quality valve products, meet the production requirements of chemical industry and the strictest environmental requirements and help customers. By virtue of our strong manufacturing capacity, experience and rich knowledge in R&D technology, AUQI makes continuous innovation in the aspect of chemical process in the face of new market opportunities.

Main Applications:
Petrochemical industry
Refining, chemical and pharmaceutical
Basic chemical industry
Refining plant
Diesel & gasoline hydrogenation unit, catalytic cracking unit
Hydrogen treatment, desulfurization treatment

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