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Water treatment

Water treatment

With the development of the world, the water supply faces new and urgent challenges due to population increase and climate change. It is required to rationally utilize the traditional and natural water sources such as inland freshwater lake, dam and reservoir. The water sources which can be easily acquired become exhausted gradually. Under this situation, human beings have to acquire drinking water by using feasible and unconventional methods such as sea water desalination and water resource recycling.
The water treatment industry must also seek methods, maximize water resources and make our water resource supply last as long as possible. In addition, the aged production facilities bring negative influence on the plants including frequent equipment maintenance and leakage accident, thereby increasing operation cost and reducing water supply.

AUQI boasts the most complete products and service as well as the solutions which can endure the test of long-term market competition and meet the special market needs. By virtue of innovative spirit and advanced engineering experience, we can meet customer demands.

Main Applications:
Water desalination
Water transportation
Water treatment
Water circulation and utilization
Sewage treatment