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Power industry

 The power industry endeavors to meet the increasing power demands worldwide. Meanwhile, the power industry continuously seeks new methods in order to develop precious energy resources in a faster, safer and more efficient way and cause minimal impact to the environment. AUQI helps customers to solve the biggest challenge in the field of coal power generation, gas power generation, nuclear energy power generation and other renewable energy.


From the traditional power plants to nuclear power plants and renewable energy power plants, AUQI assists customers from different power ranges in reducing downtime, optimizing energy efficiency and creating a safer work environment. AUQI cooperates with customers and provides customers with end-to-end solutions in various links including design, engineering, implementation, after-sales service, etc. In addition, AUQI helps customers to create important infrastructure for power industry, and our products are applied to control field due to safety and durability.

Main Applications:
Conventional island
Nuclear island
Natural gas power plant
Hydropower station